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Real Pharm EAA 420g

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  • Forest Fruit
  • fruit punch
  • lemon
  • Mango Passion Fruit
  • Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry watermelon



Real Pharm EAA is a product designed not only for professional athletes, but also for those amateurs who would like to step up to doing sports on a more professional level. Using this dietary supplement is the perfect way to replenish nutrient deficiencies. Among other things, it supplies you with exogenous amino acids that provide a good deal of energy, and also better physical possibilities.

Sportsmen attest that amino acids contained in this supplement are very effective at building strength, improving endurance and physical condition. With Real Pharm EAA by your side you can become a professional athlete, week by week achieving better and better results that in the end can be repeated at the crucial competition. The supplement stimulates you and accelerates any anabolic processes that occur in your body. It is also responsible for blocking the harmful catabolic reactions. Develop your strength, strengthen your muscles and be ready for even more intense physical effort during your training period.

One package of Real Pharm EAA consists of 35 servings. Apart from EAA, it also contains additional substances such as citric acid or mango and pineapple extract. All skillfully combined!

Exogenous Amino Acids are not produced in human body, so they need to be supplied in sufficient amounts from external sources. It becomes easy with this dietary supplement.


Mix 1 serving (12g) of the Real Pharm EAA with 250 ml of water. Do not exceed the maximum recommended dosage of 1 serving (12g) per day. The product should not be treated as an alternative to healthy diet.

Best if taken early in the morning, before your workout, so you can make use of the addition energy it provides. The product is not suitable for breastfeeding women. Keep away from children. Store in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Active Ingredients 1 serving
L-leucine 3333mg**
L-valine 1467mg**
L-lysine 1467mg**
L-phenylalanine 1200mg**
L-threonine 1000mg**
L-isoleucine 600mg**
L-histidine 467mg**
L-methionine 333mg**
L-tryptophan 133mg**
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Forest Fruit, fruit punch, lemon, Mango Passion Fruit, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry watermelon

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