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Mutant Madness Pre Work Out 225G

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  • Blue Rasberry
  • Peach-Mango
  • Pineapple Passion
  • Roadside Lemonade
  • Sour Green Apple
Johnnie O Jackson

Unleash the MADNESS

A: MUTANT MADNESS is an easy mixing pre-workout powder that will stimulate your senses to help make every workout feel like the best one ever.

Q: How do I take MUTANT MADNESS?
A: As a dietary supplement for healthy adults performing high-intensity exercise who are experienced and comfortable with high-caffeine products, 1 serving to 8 oz. (240 mL) of cold water, shake 5–10 seconds, and slam it back 10–30 minutes prior to workouts. First time users should try 1/4–1/2 serving first in 8 oz. of water to assess tolerance. Read, understand and follow the entire Warnings before choosing to use MUTANT MADNESS. Do not consume within 4 hours prior to bedtime. For a sweeter drink, simply use less water. For less sweet, use more water.

Q: Can I take more than recommended serving size?
A: No, never consume more than the recommended directions for use on the label. Never exceed 2 servings within a 24 hour period.

A: Absolutely! We highly recommend stacking MUTANT MADNESS with an amino acid powder such as MUTANT GEAAR or MUTANT BCAA 9.7. And it’s also a great idea to add in a serving of creatine such as MUTANT CREAKONG. Stacking MADNESS with both products will help support the additional power and strength benefits you need during your workouts.

Q: Does MUTANT MADNESS harden or clump like almost every other pre-workout supplement?
A: A lot of pre-workout powders are highly susceptible to clumping due to the nature of popular ingredients used in them such as L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, and Glycerol powder. Exposure to heat and humidity is also a contributing factor to clumping and hardening. MUTANT MADNESS is formulated to include very small amounts of food-based ingredients, such as waxy maize and rice starch, to help keep the powder as dry and fluffy as possible and prevent it from hardening or clumping. In addition, always keep the lid on tight and make sure you keep your MUTANT MADNESS stored in a cool dry place.

Always shake your bottle of MUTANT MADNESS prior to using, especially if it hasn’t been opened for a while. This helps ensure all the ingredients are mixed evenly so that you get an accurate dose every time. It’s a good idea to give the powder a minute to settle down immediately after shaking it up.

Concentrated pre-workout fuel
Maximum strength
Insane energy*
Explosive power*
Increase mental focus*
Support nitric oxide production*
Addictive taste!



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Blue Rasberry, Peach-Mango, Pineapple Passion, Roadside Lemonade, Sour Green Apple

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