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Muscle Care – Magnesium + Vit B6

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As a result of intense physical effort, the body’s daily demand for vitamins and minerals essential for its proper functioning increases. Magnessium Muscle Care will provide you with the maximum dose of magnesium responsible for the work of muscles and the nervous system in a dose optimally selected for the needs of athletes! * Magnesium Muscle Care in a convenient to use tablet form provides a guarantee of high bioavailability and rapid reduction of magnesium deficiency in the body. Thanks to the excellent bioavailability and modern formula, the preparation quickly reduces the symptoms of magnesium deficiency in the form of muscle spasms, and improves the work of the nervous system, reducing fatigue and excessive irritability! * Good mental condition and an efficient muscular system are factors that determine the progress of each workout. Magnessium Muscle Care is ideally suited not only as part of a supplementation plan for people training intensively, but also quickly replenishes magnesium deficiencies found in people on slimming diets and drinking large amounts of caffeine drinks.

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