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MSM is a naturally occurring compound in many food products with many medicinal properties.?Unfortunately, intensive food production focused on profit maximization means that the content of MSM in vegetables, fruits or dairy products drops significantly, and in addition during thermal processing, pasteurization and cooling, further losses of this valuable compound are created.?As a result, the amount of MSM taken with food is so small that the body becomes more and more deficient in this relationship.


MSM Muscle Care – 90 tabs For the proper functioning of the human body, many compounds, without which not only is the work of organs and systems disturbed, but also the course of metabolic reactions. One of them is MSM, i.e. methylsulfonylmethane, which is an organic sulfur compound. For the sake of your health, we give you the opportunity to effectively supplement your daily diet with the highest quality MSM in Muscle Care tablets, which will allow you to enjoy good health, physical activity and perfectly affect the effectiveness of each workout! * MSM Muscle Care allows you to deliver the optimal dose of methylsulfonylmethane in its purest form! Why is it worth to bet on our product? With Muscle Care you get a guarantee of quality at a low price and the certainty that you reach for products created with the professional needs of athletes in mind and every person who focuses on movement and physical activity.

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