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IHS Supreme Whey Protein 750g

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  • Chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Milk Ice Cream
  • Vanilla

SUPREME WHEY it the highest-quality high-protein product which contains only whey protein concentrate, without addition of other protein types. Product intended for all sportspeople willing to supply their diet with protein, for use in muscle expansion phase, as well as in the phase of fat tissue reduction.


• 23g of protein per serving

• 66 servings per package

• Less than one gram of lactose per 100g of product!

• 100mg of DigeZyme® in each serving

• Raw material of the highest possible quality

• Natural flavors

• No unnecessary fillers

The Supreme Whey  is now a pure concentrate.


The new Supreme Whey is no longer a mixture of several fractions. It is now a pure concentrate, yet the protein content has increased, while the fats and carbohydrates have decreased.


Supreme Whey is not just protein!


We also changed the flavours. Together with our technologists, we have been working for nearly half a year on perfecting the flavours and new recipes of our proteins.


We added DigeZyme™ to our protein. A complex of 5 non-animal digestive enzymes. Protease of bacterial origin and the other four (Amylase, Lactase, Lipase, Cellulase) derived from fungi.


The product is manufactured only from the high quality concentrate of whey proteins acquired by low temperature microfiltration.


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Chocolate, Cookies, Milk Ice Cream, Vanilla

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