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    What is 6PAK Nutrition Zinc
    6PAK Nutrition Zinc is a supplement based on an organic form of zinc with high bioavaiablity. Zinc is an element that determines the proper functioning of endocrine and immune systems, as well as supports metabolic processes.

    How does zinc works
    Zinc is an important element for men because it supports the process of testosterone production and maintaining its proper level. Zinc also ensures the proper functioning of reproductive processes. In addition, zinc is involved in the metabolism of macronutrients, like proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Thanks to this, it is possible to efficiently synthesize proteins or burn fat. Zinc also affects the skin, nails and hair, helping them to maintain a healthy look. A very important advantage of zinc supporting the immune system.

    The effects of zinc deficiency
    It is recommended to take at least 10 mg (in the case of an adult person) zinc daily. Due to the decreasing quality of food, there may insufficeinet zinc intake. Consumption of anti-nutrients (such as phytic acid) and general intestinal health, which affects to the absorption of micronutrients, can also affect the formation of zinc deficiency. It is worth to supplement the zinc by taking 6PAK Nutrition Zinc to avoid health problems. The effects of magnesium deficiency include reduced levels of testosterone, decreased metabolism of proteins and fats, slow glycogen synthesis rate, decreased immunity, decreased vision quality. Skin problems, weakened hair and nails are also the effects of zinc deficiency.

    The advantages of using 6PAK Nutrition Zinc
    6PAK Nutrition Zinc completes zinc deficiencies. The use of the preparation will certainly help to maintain the proper level of testosterone and protein synthesis. In addition, zinc has a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails.

    Who should use 6PAK Nutrition ZINC
    Zinc containing supplement should be used by people with zinc deficiency symptoms, such as weak immune, lowering testosterone levels and slightly but noticeably worse vision. Zinc also helps to maintain the acid-base balance.

    How to use 6PAK Nutrition Zinc
    1 portion of zinc (1/4 of tablete) should be taken with a meal, washed down with water.



    6PAK Nutrition Effective Line Zinc – 90 tabl.
    Portion:0.25 tabl.
    Numbers of portions360
    Quantity:90 tabl.
    Nutritional Value / Nutritional Information:0.25 tabl.% RWS*1 tabl.% RWS*
    Zinc15 mg150%60 mg
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