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    7Nutrition AOL 900 – 120Tabs


    7Nutrition AOL 900. A combination of Arginine AKG, Ornithine and Lysine. A powerful dose of 2700 mg per serving! These three amino acids are famous for a combination that naturally releases growth hormone (GH), affecting strength, lean muscle mass and lowering the level of body fat. AOL 900 is perfect for supplementation at bedtime, influencing the level of the hormone produced during sleep.

    The use of Arginine in the form of alpha-ketoglutarate improves the effectiveness and bioavailability.

    The highest concentration of the three amino acids – 300 mg per tablet – ensures that AOL 900 is unmatched in this product class.

    Recommended consumption: Consume 3 tablets before going to bed, drinking 200 ml of water.

    Active ingredients / Active ingredients3 tablets / 3 tablets
    Arginine AKG / Arginina AKG900.00 mg
    Lisine / Lizyna900.00 mg
    Ornithine HCL / Ornitina HCL900.00 mg
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